• Parule


Parule is a sall village situated in Sundhudurga district of Konkan. Parule offers lovely tropical paradise away from all the hustle bustle of the cities. Parulebajar is a grampanchayat of Parule village. Geographical area of Parule is about 370 hectares.

There are around 187 houses in the village with Vengurla as the nearest town from Parule.


Parule has a very less pouplation at about 720 only. And it situated near the river Karli. May water streams flow down from this village to meet the river. Dense forests, unexplored village offeres very good wildlife and birding opportunities.



Place Name: Parule
Additional Names: परुळे
District: Sindhudurga
Category: Holiday
Best time: Winter

How to reach?

30 km from Vengurla on the Sagari Mahamarg.

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